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Our People

Find out who is making Brentwood what it is

The Brentwood Presbyterian Church Community


The Trinity gathers together a diverse and provocative (Heb 10:23-24) fellowship of the friends of Jesus here in North Burnaby, BC, and sends us back into our broad circles of inspiration and influence to be present there as ambassadors of their forgiving and reconciling love.


Our numbers, made up of covenant and professing members and regular participants, have grown significantly over the past decade, now varying somewhere between 90 and 100.  These are people who are involved at least once a month in one or more of our worship services, learning groups, fellowship gatherings, and/or service opportunities.  We invite you to join us in this missioning anytime.


A lot of people make this happen in companionship with God and each other as our souls are nourished to flourish in the grace of Jesus Christ.  Much of this happens through ordinary conversations at church and in our communities where we live as channels of God’s justice, kindness, and humility.  Your very presence with us is a gift that contributes greatly to our vitality in missioning.  If you feel drawn to it, there is food to be brought for our weekly lunches (when we can meet in person), welcoming to be done as people gather, connecting and caring to be offered, programs to be facilitated, concerts and events to be hosted, facilities to be kept up, grounds to be maintained, finances to be managed, etc.  This congregation’s missioning and ministries are a collective effort and we are grateful for your contribution, whatever it may be.


Presbyterians support and supervise these activities through a council of ruling elders, called the Session, moderated by a teaching elder, our minister.  Ruling elders are elected by and from among the professing members.  The teaching elder (also called a Minister of Word and Sacraments) is appointed by the Presbytery on the request of the congregation.  We organize ourselves primarily through working groups that form for a particular purpose, then disband when that purpose has been served.


The Session at Brentwood is:

Pam Wong (Clerk of Session)

Dorothy Sung

Edrina Clarke

Rita Long


Our paid staff are all part-time.


Our Minister is:

Brian Fraser


Director of Musicking:

Noah Franche-Nolan















The Rev Jim Smith is our minister-in-association.’  He retired in 2019 after 20 years a minister with Central Presbyterian Church in Vancouver’s West End.  He coordinates our Saging in Grace conversations and our technology team.

Our Administrative Associate is:

Seolgi Yu


Our Caretakers are:

The Boadu Family

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Noah Franche-Nolan 3.jpg

Noah Franche-Nolan

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