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Everything at Brentwood happens in and for the community that the Trinity equips and enables us to gather and send out.  We are a congregation with participants from every generation and over 16 different countries of origin.  We come together in a wide variety of ways to nourish each other to flourish as ambassadors of God’s kin-dom in this world.    


In the beginning, we believe, God established a loving relationship with human beings so they could be blessings to all creation.  We are all, by God’s mercy and grace, kin with each other, created to collaborate in the care of creation.  We have rebelled against that relationship for generations.  The cumulative impact of those rebellions threatens the well-being of the whole world.  God freed us from the power of that tangle of traumas in Jesus Christ and is nourishing us to flourish in new ways of living together in fellowship so we can bless creation.  That conviction informs all of our gatherings at Brentwood.  You are always welcome to as you are at any and all of them.

Presbyterians see themselves as a branch of the church universal, co-missioning with other congregations within the denomination and among other church and para-church organizations.  Under this tab you will find some of the main church partners who inspire and inform our missioning.

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