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Community Space of Grace

A gift to the arts and learning communities

Brentwood is graced with space that is acoustically remarkable, drawing rave reviews from musicians who have played here.  In addition, the congregation is warm and welcoming with everyone who walks through the door or links into our online gatherings.  We seek to connect with the community in compassion, companion with people with curiosity, converse with them with conviction in God’s love for us all, and collaborate with them in contributing their gifts to the well-being of the world.  People teach, rehearse, and perform in this space.  Each year, we co-sponsor several benefit concerts for causes such as healing from domestic violence, suicide prevention, Indigenous/Settler healing and reconciliation, and medical research.  If you have ideas about how our space can serve you and your passions, let’s imagine something together.  Send us an email to start the conversation.

Currently we are hosting rehearsals, jams, and concerts for the Leading Ladies, Vancouver Jazzy Jams, the Heard’M Katz Jazz Band, and the Grand Slam Jazz Band, as well as Brentwood’s own big band, the Brentwood Jazz All-Stars under the direction of Ben MacRae.

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