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Sunday Morning Worship

10 am, weekly

Worship is a practice initiated when our Creator, Redeemer, and Reformer invites us to gather in conversation to enjoy their welcome and wisdom with wonder, then disperse to witness to the power of the forgiving and reconciling love that has embraced, enlivened, and encouraged us in this communal activity.


Sunday morning worshiping with Brentwood follows a traditional flow for Protestant worship in the early twenty-first century.  We approach in gratitude for God’s drawing us together in worship, we listen to and ponder the lessons that God has to teach us, and we take that insight and strength into our circles of inspiration and influence in God’s world.  In this gathering, we are nourished to flourish in the grace of Jesus Christ.


Everyone is welcome as they are.  We are convinced that God attracts you to participate and offers healing for your stress injuries through this fellowship of the friends of Jesus.  In that healing you will be equipped to be the blessing in this world you were created to be.

For a participant's guide to the flow and theology of our worshiping, click here.

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