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We believe deeply that the Creator, Redeemer, and Reformer who Christians for generations have called God is at work in the world and that the church is a space where souls are nourished to flourish in acts of justice and kindness done with humility.  One of the primary services we offer is space where people are being awakened to this dynamic in and through their lives.  Every participant in our missioning, personally and communally, contributes to this happening faithfully, wisely, and effectively.


In addition to what our participants do every day in their circles of inspiration and influence, we imagine and implement specific projects that encourage and equip people to align with God’s care of creation.

Throughout the year, we partner with various organizations and musicians to present concerts to raise friends and funds for their work.

We collect money, new socks, and clean used socks for the foot care program at First United Church Community Mission Society in Vancouver’s Downtown East Side.  Over the past 5 years, we have provided over 20,000 pairs.  

Musicians, artists, and educators need space to hone and express their passions and talents.  Brentwood offers its sanctuary for free for those who wish to use it when it is available.

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